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2014 Salomon STH 2 WTR Ski Bindings

Posted March 19, 2013 by Cook in Alpine Ski Bindings
by Cook
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Erik Anderson, Sales Director for Salomon Sports USA presents 2014 Salomon STH 2 WTR alpine ski bindings coming next season in this “ski binding review” on the Ski Prophet’s Buyer’s Guide.


Salomon Official Press Release:

“Salomon combines top technologies in new alpine binding
The Salomon STH2 WTR binding marries a driver toe and Guardian heel to optimize downhill performance in mixed conditions
Ogden, UT—January 17,2013—Salomon, a leader in technical design and innovation in mountain sports, is proud to introduce the newest addition to its binding family — the STH2 WTR. The STH2 WTR builds on the groundwork laid by Salomon’s previous bindings while adding new features dedicated to enhancing the performance of today’s ski shapes, enabling quality skiing in any conditions.

The STH2 WTR binding combines Salomon’s recognized driver toe piece with the Guardian heel piece sans walk-mode, delivering expert power transmission and downhill performance. In addition, the STH2 WTR offers a wider platform for modern ski shapes, utilizing dampening pads under the toe and heel plates to smooth vibrations and remove the abrupt edging feel that can happen with traditional race bindings.

Improved downhill performance is only one aspect of the STH2 WTR. This binding also features WTR (Walk-to-Ride) sole compatibility, a new technology built into some of Salomon’s new boots and bindings—approved by the TÜV (a globally recognized testing, inspection and certification organization). The combination of WTR soles and STH2 WTR bindings enables secure grip when scrambling up rocky terrain or across slick surfaces, while actually improving downhill performance.

Binding Facts:

• WTR Compatibility—safety and performance are not compromised when skiers choose a Salomon boot with WTR soles to aid in better walk comfort.
• Oversized Platform—It is imperative to deliver a binding that adjusts to the trend of wider skis. An oversized platform ensures maximum lateral power transmission.
• 3D Driver Toe: This patented toe concept allows for multidirectional release options.
• Stomp Pedal—A fixed, wide pedal ensures the best transmission from skier to ski
• Low Profile Chassis—At 18 mm stand height, this increases terrain feedback and enhances power transmission.
• Progressive Transfer Pads—Increased dampening for shock absorption”

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